Cardiology Nursing
A 12 Hour Insight

I have been in cardiology nursing for several years. This is a typical busy day for me. If you have read any of this site, you know I use humor to express myself. It isn’t all bad, I promise, but some days are more hectic than others!

5:25 AM--get up (ok 5:35 after 1 snooze)

6:45 AM--clock in and find my assignment

6:45-7:20 AM--Get report, answer some call bells in between report, answer some phones from radiology about patients that need chest x-rays, etc.

7:20-10:00 AM--Try and see all my patients and make sure they are breathing. I may get to giving out all my morning meds in this time, I may not. It depends on the day, how many MD's come by with questions, if I have a patient that hits their call bell every 13 seconds, and how many patients I have that day. A true cardiology nursing floor is usually 3-5 patients. Oh, and I will also be trying to figure out why room 12 didn't get a breakfast tray and begging the food service person to get me a tray for them from the kitchen down in the basement.

(Mornings are usually chaotic if you couldn't tell)

10:00-12:00 AM--This can some days be a bit of downtime for me. I check my work email, make sure I don't have any classes or online inservices I need to catch up on. I may even sign up for a hospital class so I can start to accumulate my required CEU hours for license renewal. Then walk with my patients that need to do that. Help the NA clean up room 10 who has had yet another loose stool. Then maybe get a coffee. Only in the nursing world will you see “loose stool” and then “get a coffee” side by side...but it is true! Cardiology Nursing

12:00-2:00 PM--Lunch (hopefully) is sometime in here. 30 minutes is all in the land of hospital nursing. Then make sure all my patients got lunch trays and if they are diabetic that I gave them insulin. Grab Room 11’s blood sugar because the nurses aid accidentally missed it during her rounds.

2:00-2:30 PM--Discharge room 11, answer all the questions for daughter A that I already answered for daughter B this morning. As room 11 rolls out the door, room 9 rolls back from the cath lab. Luckily they are not bleeding (yet), but they are hurting and crying, and therefore the 12 family members are hounding me as I walk away to get the pain medicine that "do I know she needs pain medicine?".

2:30-3:30PM--Room 9 finally fell asleep and is happy. New admit to room 11 is here. I got report via phone from the transferring hospital. He is a sweet cute little man that asks me if I am old enough to be in cardiology nursing. I assure him I am, and then he tells the person on the phone "well I got me a purty one here". He means well, so I laugh it off.

3:30-5:00 PM--It is not time for afternoon assessments and medications. Luckily afternoon meds are not nearly as bad as AM meds. I would have been done by 4:30, but litle Mr. cute in room 11 is so chatty I couldn't get out of there!

5:00-5:35 PM--Did the clock just stop moving? Is 7:00 ever going to get here?

5:35 PM---Is that room 9's heart rate....are you kidding me...a-fib in the 160's...and here is the family to let me know the “machine is beeping a lot in there”,

5:40-6:00 PM--Call the MD and get an order for amiodarone gtt. Write the order, call the pharmacy and ask them to stat the med to me. Verify the order with another RN. I FORGOT TO ORDER THE PUMP!!!! Order the pump, start the drip.

6:00 PM--Mr. Room 9 is still in a-fib, but the rate is down to the 90's. Reassuring the family that YES the doctor will come but NO I do not know when that will be.

6:15 PM--Are those dinner trays being picked up---aaahhhh, late on the insulin!

6:45 PM--Is that an angel over there??? Oh it is! My relief is here. Yeah!! I give report and am home by 7:30.

Than I go home, get to bed by 10 or so and back up the next day for another adventure in cardiology nursing!

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