What is the fastest way to become a nurse and make money doing it?

by Jessica
(Atlanta,Ga, USA)

Confused by Nursing Degrees...So was I

Confused by Nursing Degrees...So was I

Your Question:
Hi, my name is Jessica. I am 24 yrs old and I would like to know the fastest way to become a nurse (BSN). I also want to make money while getting my degree. I have no real idea as to how to go about it. Reading websites with different information is confusing. I have enrolled in a program to become a CNA but from there I have no idea what the next step to a fast tracked nursing degree please help. Thank you in advance!

My Answer:

Hi Jessica! Your question is the exact reason I decided to design this website. I received my BSN degree in 2003, and still felt confused as to all the different ways to become a nurse. The conflicting information can be very confusing!

So what is the fastest way to becom e a nurse? Well that question depends on where you are right now. Do you already have a Bachelor degree of some sort? If you do, look into an accelerated BSN program. While they are extremely intense, these programs are usually only about 15 months long.

Now, if you don’t have a Bachelor degree, and you want to make money while working toward your BSN, I would suggest getting your associated degree first at your local nursing or community college. Technically the program is 2 years(ish), but remember you will need all the prerequisites for that local school and there is usually a waiting list. I tell everyone to contact the school they are interested in directly to find out what they can do NOW to get started.

You will be able to work as a bedside nurse just as a BSN educated nurses does. You will take the NCLEX exam, just as the BSN nurse does. The only difference (which can be hotly debated) is if you would like advance your career. In many areas of the country, a BSN nurse is able to advance more easily up the management ladder than an ADN nurse. If you ever want a Masters in Nursing (ex. midwife, professor) you will definitely need to get your BSN. Remember though, once you have an ADN, you can take night classes or weekend classes and do this while you are making money!

I think the fact that you are already signed up to become a nursing assistant shows that you have the drive to do this! Nursing school has never been easy, but it is very possible and leads to a great career. Good Luck and let us know if we can do anything else for you! Hope this cleared up some of the confusion!


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Aug 26, 2015
Nurse and make money NEW
by: Micheal Elijah

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Jun 13, 2015
great comments NEW
by: Nivens

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Jan 20, 2013
Another way to bsn
by: Takeyla H.

Another way to very your bsn could be through chamberlain college, ttheir program is only 3 years, everything included....but its nearly 20k! Or you could get your lpn, them bridge into an adn program for about a year, and then finally bridge to a bsn program for 3 semesters. That way takes about the same amount of time, if not shorter...and its also cheaper if you qualify for financial aid then you won't have to pay til you do the adn-bsn.

Feb 12, 2012
going for nursing
by: Anonymous

My names leese I'm 21 years old and want to be an registered nurse i went to school before (community college) but got into academic suspension in 2008. Now 2012 they excepted me back and im going to work hard towards my dream im going to get my CNA license i just need my shots then i can work while im still in my pre-reqs. I just hope i keep focus. Im excited

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